A special meeting with the doctors to discuss the ministerial decision to merge the Syrian doctors in Turkey

Dr. Mohammed Al-Jarran, Head of the Medical Services Coordination Office for refugees at the Turkish Ministry of Health, and Dr. Ismail Arkan, Deputy Minister of Health in Istanbul, with a general invitation to the Syrian doctors working in Istanbul, attended a meeting at the headquarters of the Presidency of the International Pitying Hearts Society/ IPHS in Istanbul to explain the mechanism of implementation of the ministerial decision to merge the Syrian doctors in the Turkish Ministry of Health and the executive steps for registration.

After Dr. Mohammed Al- Jarran had completed explaining the implementation mechanism in detail, which has already begun since there are lists of the doctors who have registered at the ministry’s website. He explained that the process will go through several stages of tests, interviews and training to end in contract doctor officially with the Ministry of Health, so that the Syrian doctor becomes a ministry employee directly.

Dr. Mohammed also answered the doctors’ questions about the specific cases they have, the required competences, the future of the surgeons, the dentists, the pharmacists, the medical technicians, the workplaces, and the timeline decree.

He also explained the future of the medical services provided to the Syrians and the mechanism of registering the private clinics affiliated to the societies and organizations.

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