IPHS Launches ‘Healing’ Campaign in Cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent “Türk Kızılay”

In the framework of cooperation between IPHS and the Turkish Red Crescent, seeking to supply the Syrian interior with the necessary medical supplies, IPHS launched ‘Healing’ Campaign in northern Syria (Euphrates Shield Area).

The campaign included distribution of quantities of medication needed in the Syrian hospitals under the supervision of the Turkish Ministry of Health in the area of the shield of Euphrates after a survey done by IPHS reveling the need of these hospitals for medical drugs in coordination with the Turkish Red Crescent and the management of hospitals located in that region. At the end of the campaign, the management of the Coordination Center of the Turkish Red Crescent Türk Kızılay in Gaziantep presented a thank-you note to IPHS for its donations providing the region with the necessary medical supplies and contributing to alleviate the suffering of people in Syria.

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