The visit of the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Relief International Organization to the International Pitying Hearts Society/IPHS


Dr. Mohammed Al- Jarran, a pediatrician in the Disaster and Emergency Management Department at the Turkish Ministry of Health, made a joint visit with the Relief International Organization, represented by Dr. Shah, the head of the organization in Turkey, and Mr. Omar Hindawi, the director of programs and projects, and Mr.Ayden, the public projects director of the organization, to the headquarters of the International Pitying Hearts Society/IPHS – Gaziantep branch.

From the International Pitying Hearts Society/IPHS, Dr. Amin Al-Khateeb, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Mr. Omar Amouri, the representative of IPHS– Gaziantep branch, and Dr. Hamza Diab, the director of Will Steps Center for prosthetics in Gaziantep, attended the meeting.

The meeting included a discussion about several issues, the most important ones were the medical service projects in Turkey and the best ways to develop them and find appropriate solutions to the difficulties encountered throughout legal or pecuniary facilities provided by the Turkish Government for this important, necessary, and articulated projects in the life of the Syrians affected by the war in Syria.

These projects provide specific and specialized medical services for the Syrians, whether they are on the Turkish side or inside Syria and crossing to Turkey to access to these sophisticated and advanced centers such as Will Steps Center for prosthetics, which is a quantum leap in the history of the Syrian crisis and a candle of hope for the Syrians whose limbs had gone to paradise before them.

Then the director of the Will Steps Center for prosthetics made on a field tour for the delegation within the center sections showing them the manufacturing workshop and its multiple sections and the sophisticated equipment that is imported from Germany, which is considered the largest of its fixtures and equipment on the Turkish territory and one of the top ten workshops in the Middle East.

The delegation then continued his tour to the department of physical therapy and its multiple sections, saw the quality of the service provided, and met a number of the patients from all age groups of children, youth, women, and the elderly.

They briefed on the department of psychotherapy and the services provided therein by specialists in the field of amputation and disability. Then at the archive, follow-up, and documenting the patients department, they looked at the patient records, medical files, methods of examination, and evaluation by the medical competent tripartite commission authority at the center.

At the end of the visit, the ministry’s envoy and the accompanying delegation praised the International Pitying Hearts Society/IPHS and its specialist project in prosthetics, thanked those who works in it the doctors, technicians, and physiotherapists for their tremendous efforts exerted on the center, and expressed his admiration for the center and its cutting-edge facilities and the quality of the services provided.

Dr. Mohammed Al- Jarran promised to deliver all the obstacles faced by the successful medical projects which meet all the Turkish health conditions to the Turkish Ministry of Health to find the appropriate ways to support them for the great service they provide to the Syrians.

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