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It is a Turkish association that works in the health field to serve those affected by wars and disasters and to achieve health security for peoples in general, regardless of race, gender, color, religion and sect.

 Main office addess,

Marmara mahallesi, Hürriyet bulvarı, yurt caddesi 220. Sk no 17. Beylikdüzü .  Istanbul

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  1. Photos and videos

IPHS website may contain photos and videos of individuals (children or adults) for the purpose of the Society’s work, either to help them or to promote the help of others. All these visual or audio materials were made after obtaining the consent of the owners or parents of the children. Compassionate Hearts International is not responsible for the unauthorized use of these images or videos and will use its legal right to pursue those who violate the rights to use them.

  1. Author’s rights

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