Fasting and patients of blood pressure

The patients of hypertension can fast with no problems. Moreover, the calm and tranquility accompanied the holy month may improve the patient’s condition without medicines.

There are some important tips to be taken into account during the holy month:

– Drink too much liquids in the Iftar period till Imsak to avoid dehydration.

– Focus on foods rich with potassium, magnesium and iodine, which are available in fish and sea food.

– Eat very little amounts of meat, dairy products, pickles, and canned food.

– Avoid stimulants and smoking.

– Use lemon juice instead of salt.

– Eat fresh vegetables and apples which are appropriate for patients of blood pressure.

– Stay away from pickles, soya sauce, caesar sauce, and hot sauce (chili) because they are rich with sodium, and they lead to higher blood pressure, so you may replace them by eating fresh green salad.

– Beware of cheeses, nuts, and processed meats such as sausage and mortadella because they contain large amounts of sodium.

– Use whole grains in preparing Ramadan dishes instead of other types that are full of carbohydrates. For example, rather than eating peeled rice (white) and white bread every day, you may replace them by whole grains such as bulgur, freekeh, and brown bread.

– Add garlic to different dishes since garlic has distinctive characteristics in reducing blood pressure, but the garlic must be sliced (cooked or raw) and chewed in order to take advantage of these properties. Be aware of eating garlic without chewing because your body then cannot get its benefit, on the contrary, then it may cause irritation to the stomach.


Acceptable fasting, Allah willing, and may Allah accepts from us all.

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