Hatay Mobile Ophthalmic Clinic

Complementing the integrated ophthalmic project sponsored by the International Pitying Hearts Society / IPHS and after the establishment of Ibn al-Haytham Ophthalmic Surgical Hospital, the ophthalmic clinics in Syria and the supporting mobile ophthalmic clinic there, the International Pitying Hearts Society / IPHS established mobile ophthalmic clinics in Turkey covering several areas that are in need of such specialization. At first a mobile ophthalmic clinic was established in Hatay province in February 2013. It covers the cities of Reyhanlı, Kirkham, and Iskenderun on average of two days a week for each city.

They move between the mentioned cities by a car equipped with the following ophthalmic devices:

– Slit lamp

– Ophthalmoscope

– Eye chart

– Eye medication

Hatay Mobile Ophthalmic Clinic provides free consultation and medication to the Syrians who are in the region by visiting existing health centers serve the Syrians in addition to visiting the Syrian schools to examine the students.

The monthly number of the beneficiaries is about 700 patients.

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