Kilis Specialized Polyclinic Center

As a result of the tragic situation of the city of Aleppo and the barrels that were raining the civilians in their neighborhoods, displacement waves to the Turkish city of Kilis began. The number of the displaced people has reached more than 100000 IDPs the thing that made the International Pitying Hearts Society / IPHS move Reyhanlı clinic to Kilis. Reyhanlı clinic was opened in the month of January of 2013 and continued until the end of 2013 and provided services to the displaced Syrians in Hatay province over the last year to more than 30000 consultations, 8500 laboratory analysis, 23000 prescriptions, and 7000 x ray service.

IPHS moved the clinic center to the city of Kilis on 27/01/2014.

Kilis Specialized Polyclinic Center is now registered by the Turkish Ministry of Health, and it includes specialized clinics as the following:

– Physiotherapy clinic for males and another one for females with warming hall equipped with all the necessary modern equipment.

– Dental clinic for males

– Dental clinic for females

– Gynecological clinic

– Pediatric clinic

– Ophthalmic clinic

– ENT clinic

– Dressing clinic

– Laboratory

– The Polyclinic Center includes a pharmacy that provides the medicine the doctors prescribe for free.

IPHS keeps working on to develop the polyclinic center adding another specialized clinics such as urinary and dermatology clinics.



To provide free health care services for the Syrian refugees in the city of Kilis and the surrounding camps.

The work in the Polyclinic Center starts at 8 am and ends at 4 pm for 5 days per week; Saturday and Sunday are weekend as required by the Turkish laws.

The work within the clinics is going on according to an exclusive electronic program covers the whole hosting process from the entry of the patient to the reception, to the demanded clinic, then to the laboratory – if necessary – and finally to the pharmacy.

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