Gaziantep Mobile Ophthalmic Clinic

The Syrian refugees faced many difficulties in “Turkey”, the generous and blessed country. That difficulties were in the Turkish hospitals due to the communication and language obstacles experienced by many people and hence the idea of the mobile ophthalmic clinic project came out to reduce a lot of their burdens and to provide them the necessary medical services for free at the lowest possible efforts.

After the success of Hatay Mobile Ophthalmic Clinic, the International Pitying Hearts Society / IPHS in cooperation with the Turkish Ministry of Education established in June 2014 a second mobile ophthalmic clinic which is “Gaziantep Mobile Ophthalmic Clinic.”

This clinic visits various schools in the city of Gaziantep and its suburbs to examine and treat all the Syrian pupils, students, the teaching staff, and whoever of the pupils’ and students’ parents who are suffering any eye complaint.

there are ten schools placed in the work plan. That schools are distributed in different parts of the city, and the mobile clinic visit each school twice a month.

The mobile clinic contains the required ophthalmic devices which are:

– Slit lamp.

– Ophthalmoscope.

– Electronic eye chart.

– In addition to medicine needed to various inflammatory cases that may be encountered by the ophthalmic doctors in their clinics.

The monthly number of the beneficiaries is about 600-800 among pupils, students, teachers, and parents.

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