Nosebleed: is the common occurrence of bleeding from the nose.

Nosebleed can seem scary to the patient as well as to the people around him, especially if the patient is a child.


The causes of nosebleeds can generally be divided into two categories, local and general factors.

First: Local Factors:

– The most common cause is nose-picking, habitually with children: this leads to a scratch or a cut of the capillaries inside the front of the nose.

– Viral infections such as cold, flu, and sinusitis.

Second: General Factors:

– Patients with hypertension.

– Patients who take anticoagulant such as aspirin.

– Dialysis patients.

– Patients with hemocoagulation problems such as hemophilia.

– It also occurs after exposing to sun, especially children.

Home Treatment:

– First, calm down the patient.

– Place the patient half sitting with bending forward, not as it is commonly lifting the head toward the back because this leads to flow the blood toward the pharynx and stomach.

– Press strongly for five minutes on the nostrils using the index finger and thumb.

– Put a piece of ice on the front and the sides of the nose.

– Measure the blood pressure for the patients of pressure and the elder patients.

– Take the patient to the hospital if the bleeding continues or if it is severe from the beginning.

Prevention of recurrent nosebleeds:

Moisturize the nose permanently using saline serum. Anoint the front and the entrance of the nose with Vaseline or any other skin ointment containing an antibiotic.



Dr. Nidal Salem

The International Pitying Hearts/ IPHS

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